Debbie, Me Love You Long Time

Yes, everyone has seen the Debbie me so horny, me love you long time Super Bowl ad. I wonder what the actress thought when shooting this commercial. She must have been thinking in a Chinese accent with broken English to not foresee any repercussions for this racist-ass commercial.


Supposedly the actress is well educated and boasts an impressive resume. She is UC Berkeley educated and started her own non-profit organization for at-risk youth. So why did she start singing my mother is Chinese, my father is Japanese, and look what they did to me on national television while slanting her eyes up and down?


Do I have sympathy for her because of the vengeful fallout she must be receiving from the community she sold out? Not really. But I’m not angry with her either. Truth be told, the commercial didn’t even make me angry. A voice in my head said,


“Hey Cho Guevara, that’s not cool. You should be mad.”


Instead I laughed. Of course I laughed at her, not with her – a genuine laugh at her oblivious clowning and lack of self-respect.


But now I’m annoyed. The commercial wasn’t even a parody of some sort. It was a serious political message during an intrinsically American holiday. And if it was meant as a joke, it would make me even angrier knowing that a white politician thinks it’s an appropriate joke for him to make.


I often forget that I am a minority. Last week, Amurica reminded me when I went out to drink in Brooklyn and some wealthy hipster tried to take my glasses off and spoke in Chinese to me. In his defense, he may have actually known how to speak Chinese. In my defense, it sounded like he was saying ching chong to me. I don’t speak Chinese all I heard were offensive syllables.


I often forget that mainstream America still views me as foreign. But the media and the little comments you hear from people here and there serve as little yellow flagged reminders.


We are still just ninjas in this round-eyed world.


Paz y Mucho Amor,




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